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Introducing Our New In-House Registered Holistic Nutritionist


Do you have a growing list of questions about how to maintain a balanced lifestyle? Are you wondering what new steps you can take in holistic healing and pain relief?

We are thrilled to introduce Karolina Kluska, our very own in-house, Holistic Nutritionist! Beginning March 6th, Karolina will be at our dispensary every Sunday to provide answers to your questions, feedback, and insight into how you can maintain a mindful lifestyle through her personal cannabis and holistic nutrition consultations.

Karolina graduated in 2013 from the School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver and is up to date on the most current holistic health knowledge. She specializes in traditional healing methodologies, affordable bioregional food systems, and connecting people with the power of healing through potent herbs. With a focus on optimizing life-long health and wellness for community, Karolina brings with her a strong connection to the health education field and a passion for assisting her clients to make lasting and meaningful changes in their lives.

Learn how you can take your life into your own hands through one-on-one meetings! Consultations with Karolina are broken down into the following:

  • 20 minutes – Cannabis Consultation
  • 45 minutes – Cannabis and Holistic Nutrition Consultation
  • 90 minutes – Whole Body Consultation

Call us at 1.855.333.3420 for more information or visit Karolina’s website to learn more about our newest addition!

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