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Medpotnow is now aura marijuana dispensary vancouver

Hello again,

MPN has undergone a complete rebranding transformation from head to toe, and we’re excited to unveil as Aura Health Studio.

Unlike a traditional health studio, we offer a holistic approach to whole body health by providing you with access to not only medical marijuana but a range of alternative health services. 

Whether it’s stress, pain, or curiosity that brings you into our Studio, we’re here to help find balance. From plant medicine, natural remedies, and Holistic Nutrition, to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and service to help you. Come visit us in our newly renovated store to see our entire menu. Like us on Facebook and get a FREE pre-roll.

- The Aura Health Studio and Dispensary Team

northern lights dried cannabis

Northern Lights Dried Cannabis

One of the famous strains, this indica strain is a favourite for its fast flowering and resilience during growth. Enjoy it's pungently sweet and spicy aromas that radiate from the crystal-coated bud. With a well calibrated blend of body and mind effects, this will relax your muscles and put your psyche at ease. In store this weekend only – 10% off all sales of the beautiful Northern Lights.

electric kush marijuana hash

Electric Kush Hash 90u 

This full melt is pressed out so finely that it resembles brown sugar. Electric Kush contains zero solvents, just water! Highly potent and made with the latest techniques, this beautiful product is best pressed out with a little heat to get the full effect. A rare treat that is hard to come by, don’t miss your chance to enjoy 10% off this delicious strain. 

trainwreck medical marijuana vancouver

Consultant's Choice: Trainwreck Dried Cannabis

Of all of our wonderful strains, we chose Trainwreck as the most enjoyable due to its potency and flavour. A lovely hybrid with potent effects, this strain has been known to leave you awakened and euphoric. With hints of sweet pine and pungent earthiness, Trainwreck has a strong cerebral stimulation – perfect for awakening your creativity as well as boosting your mood and energy. You can also use Trainwreck to soothe any daytime relief for migraines, anxiety, and pain.

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