• Welcome to Aura Health Studio and Dispensary!

    At Aura Health Studio & Dispensary, balance is our main goal. It is a comfortable, compassionate environment in which people come to learn about holistic remedies that can lead to an enhanced lifestyle through products and services that make a difference.

    We’re not so new

    As pioneers in the cannabis industry, our goal has always been to provide our customers with information and education so that they can make the best informed decision for their own cannabis needs. We are patient, compassionate, and want every customer who comes through our doors to have a positive and empowered experience.

    We’re Brand New

    We are in the process of transforming our retail space to make room for all the exciting things to come. We can’t wait to share the Aura experience with you. As one of the few dispensaries that has obtained a license from the City of Vancouver to operate, we are excited to take the cannabis industry to the next level. We are committed to providing our members with the highest quality of cannabis products and the most professional, welcoming and positive experience possible.

  • Dosage, Strain, and Medium

    Fine-tuning your cannabis experience.

    Many Canadians have had an encounter with marijuana sometime in their lifetime. Partaking in a puff or two in many places has become somewhat of a right of passage. Often this initial experience can be a daunting one, and this is all it takes for a person to make up their mind about this versatile medicine. Throughout their lives people hold onto these pre-conceived notions of what cannabis is, telling themselves that they’ve tried it and know now that it isn’t for them. However: Cannabis doesn’t come in just one flavour, strength or form. Altering the combination of Strain, Medium (method of administration) and Dosage to your personal needs will result in a very different and more positive experience. Our Cannabis Consultants are more than happy to walk each patient through recommended dosage and products that will benefit them most. Our blog a great resource for guiding you through your medical marijuana and holistic journey.


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